It’s Time for War

Music is a HUGE part of my life. I always have my wireless headphones around my head as if they were a limb of mine. I even sleep with them on, and if I take them off before slipping into dreamland, I usually wake up with them back on my head playing music. I suppose my love for music never quite rests. And it’s understandable, being that music is the core behind the ideas of my novels and scenes and characters. I cannot even begin to list the amount of inspiration I have gained from a single song.

Then again, that is what my blog is for, to rave about the things I love. So, here I have compiled a little list of songs that inspire my action sequences. These songs are not simply an upbeat tune, they also have powerful lyrics behind them that help me get into the minds of my characters.

1. “Radioactive” – Imagine Dragons


Okay, I’m sure all of you have heard this one before, but I had to mention this song. At the age of fourteen, I heard this song in a commercial. I instantly became obsessed and bought the song, keeping it on a constant loop. Imagine Dragons helped me rediscover my love for music, but it also blessed me with an idea that will forever keep me thankful for the band. And that would be the imagery of my very first protagonist. My first protagonist is the gal who refused to leave my head, forcing me to bring her to life in some way. Without this song, I would most likely not be writing. Oh god, my heart hurts at the thought of my life without writing.

2. “Castle” – Halsey
Halsey has been making her way around the world, and for good reason. She has a strong voice that delivers powerful lyrics. “Castle” is the first song I ever heard from her, thanks to The Huntsman: Winter’s War. It’s such a fantastic action song. I picture a warrior fighting her way to the throne, in both a literal and a metaphorical sense. This song has given me quite a bit of inspiration for multiple novel ideas and scenes.
3. “Deep End” – Ruelle
Now, this is truly a deep song (pun intended). If you have not yet listened to Ruelle, you must look her up this second. She has such a gorgeous voice with songs that explore the depth of human emotion, both joyful and dark. This song delves into the intensity of darkness, how it can pull us down into the deep end, hence the name. It makes me think of someone caught in a battle, fighting for their lives as they struggle with the darkness pulling at them. This song also helped me dive into the fears of a protagonist of mine, who actually struggles with the darkness. She shys away from shadows and dark corners, so this tune was superb to frame myself in that mind-set.
4. “Hanging On” – Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding is also a name you’ve probably heard before. She is a wonderful pop singer, but not all of her songs are simple melodies to dance to. “Hanging On” is a good example of her diversity. This song exudes the struggle of life, the difficulty to hang on when things seem too overwhelming. Again, I absorb this song in both a metaphorical and literal way, picturing someone literally dangling from the edge of a cliff or combating against the weight of death. And I also imagine one losing their hold on life, doubting whether they can gain back control.
5. “Under the Water” – AURORA
I have been a big fan of AURORA for a while now, so I was ecstatic when she released her album. I was actually counting down the days, waiting and waiting to hear her beautiful voice deliver new music. Her songs have given me bounds of inspiration over the whole of my writing life. If you have not yet heard AURORA, please go and give her a listen. She creates the most exquisite music with such deep and relatable emotions. I love each song of hers, but “Under the Water” is one that stood out. It floods my mind with imagery of someone drowning in a pool of water or in their own sorrows–maybe both. I also imagine two people caught in duel, fighting for their lives. This is powerful, and there’s no better word to describe this song and AURORA.
I could continue to go on and on, but I’ll stop here. Let me know if you’re familiar with these songs or the artists, and if so, what do you imagine when you listen to the melodies? What songs make you think of action and war? If you’re interested in hearing more of my musical interests, here is the link to my Spotify action playlist: Spotify – WARFARE.

8 thoughts on “It’s Time for War

  1. I’m the same way with my music.. my iPod is my baby, one of my most loved possessions I swear. 🙂 from one music lover to another I’m sure you adore getting recommendations? I think you would like (at least I suspect) “Oceans Brawl” by Couer de Pirate. (French/ Canadian singer)

    If/ when you give it a listen let me know what you think! 😀

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  2. This is a very beautiful list — some of which I have never heard before.

    Imagine Dragons are amazing, and Radioactive is one of my favourite songs! Have you heard “I’m So Sorry” and “Warriors” by them, they are incredible songs and I love listening to them when I need to get into the mood to right a very action-packed scene. (Though, my writing days are very limited at the moment *cries*).

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    • Thank you! As a music lover, I’m always thrilled to open up others to new artists.
      Yes! I basically have saved all of their songs–they’re amazing. They definitely inspire many of my emotional and/or action scenes.
      Aww, I’m so sorry to hear that! Time will surely expand for you soon. 🙂

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