Book Tag: This or That

It’s already time for another book tag! The lovely Madeline tagged me for the This or That book tag, a simple tag very much like “Would You Rather” but with literary adjustments. I’m not too familiar with this tag, which makes this even more exciting. So let’s move onto the questions!

Would you rather only read trilogies or stand-alones?

I would definitely have to say stand-alones. As much as I love collecting a series and awaiting the release of sequels to revisit old worlds and characters, I often find myself disappointed by a follow-up in the series. I also admire authors who can deliver such a powerful and thoughtful story within one book.

It’s ironic for me saying this, being that I’m currently writing a duology and desperate to fill up my series bookshelf. This just proves that I adore each kind of book.

Would you rather only read male or female authors?

I can’t choose an answer for this one. When it comes to anything, I’m for gender equality, so I don’t like to choose sides.

However, the majority of books on my bookshelf are written by women, which isn’t on purpose. I pick up books based on how intrigued I am by their synopsis, rather than the author’s name or gender.

Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

Like any reader, I love walking through a bookstore, touching the spines of books, tracing their titles, smelling their pages, and seeing what’s underneath the dust jacket. It’s always an adventure to venture through a bookstore and see what they have, but I would have to choose Amazon. When it comes to any question, Amazon should just be the answer because they have the solutions to every problem.

Would you rather books be made into television shows or movies?

In general, I tend to lead towards watching films rather than television for multiple reasons. I adore television, but there’s something captivating to sit down for a solid hour or two to watch actors who adore their jobs portray these fictional characters. And usually, films are where I discover amazing actors or actresses who become the face and inspiration for some of my characters. So I would have to pick films, although I love Game of Thrones. Amazing cast, story, and writing–one of the best things on-screen. (Side note: I’m both scared and excited for season six. God, help me through these next couple of months.)

Would you rather only read five pages per day or five books per week?

I would love to be able to read five books a week. There are over 300 books on my want-to-read list and over 60 books on my to-be-read shelf. Things have been so hectic lately, since I’ve been trying to wrap up my final sessions of schoolwork as quick as possible while rewriting book one and writing book two. I’ve been so busy juggling these things that I haven’t had much time or the urge to sit down and read, which saddens me. That will change once I get this schoolwork off of my schedule. But that is my goal, to read multiple books a week. To all of those who do so, hats off to you.

Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?

Do I even need to answer this one? Anyone who has known me for even a few seconds knows I want to be a novelist. I talk about my books and my characters and my inspirations basically all the time. I thank my family, especially my mom and my sister who listen to me rave for maybe hours at a time. I just love writing with the whole of my heart, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make my dream come true.

Would you rather be a librarian or bookseller?

Either of these choices would be quite risky because I would just want to buy everything. I would have the equal temptation to buy and learn from readers and authors all the same, so either one.

Would you rather only read your favorite genre or every genre but your favorite?

Oh, this is difficult. According to my Goodreads stats and my bookshelves, fantasy would have to be my favorite genre. Worlds of magic and wonder are what brought back my creativity and made it flourish. And most of my favorite books are fantasy, but as an aspiring author, I would want to be able to dabble in genres. UGH, decisions.

I would have to go with my favorite genre, because I couldn’t possibly imagine not picking up another book from A Song of Ice and Fire series, and the millions of other astounding fantasy books.

Would you rather only read e-books or physical copies?

When it comes to reading, I’m open to both physical and digital books. They both have their pros and cons, much like everything else in this world. If I had to pick, I would have to choose physical copies. There’s something quite nice about holding a book and smelling its pages.

If you’ve read this far, consider yourself tagged!




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