Burn It All [Playlist]

There have been several changes with my writing recently, including an addition of a character who I am extremely excited to write about. Before I get into this, I recommend reading my previous writing update, which explains all of my recent alterations. But now onto the character who inspired this playlist!

As with all of my stories and characters, I don’t like to give too much information away, but being that this character is a side character who only appears occasionally to, well … let’s just say he’s an assassin. But not just any assassin, a burly Persian man who loves fire a little too much. Jason Momoa is the character stencil for this assassin, to give you a bit of a visual.

And yes, I know Jason Momoa is Hawaiian, not Persian. But like I said, he’s a character stencil. Whenever I say that, it simply means that I use said person as a real-life visual to observe certain characteristics that are reminiscent to my own characters. This helps me tack down visual–and maybe even emotional–qualities that can normally be difficult to sketch within my head.

If I was an artist, I probably wouldn’t need to do this. But alas, I’m the worst at drawing. My handwriting looks like that of a ten-year-old who can’t understand what a straight line is.

Alright, I’m getting off topic here.

ANYWAYS, here’s the music I’ve been listening to that reminds of the scenes coming up with my big, arsonist assassin. They’re going to be intense and fiery scenes (see what I did there?), and these songs only intensify the level of emotion and danger.


1. “Walk Through the Fire” – Zayde Wolf (feat. Ruelle)

I have been obsessed with this song. Ruelle has been one of my favorite artists ever since her music began popping up on Spotify. Zayde Wolf (which is probably THE coolest name ever), I discovered a few months before the release of his song and have been completely digging his style and lyrics. When I learned the two were banding together to create a song, I kind of died a little inside. Then the title was released and I knew without even hearing it that it was going in my playlist for TDATR.

This song doesn’t just make me think of my assassin, but also my protagonist and the struggles she goes through. She, along with my anti-hero, suffer a lot because of each other and with each other.

“Did we light too many matches,

Turn ourselves into these ashes,

Did we throw it all away (x2),

We walk through the fire,

Is there a way out (x2)”

The lyrics in this song captures that pain, but also the strength of walking through the fire, of living through their struggles. But sometimes, it doesn’t seem like there’s a way out, as the lyrics say.

It also makes me think of my assassin coming through with his flamethrower and dousing the lands in flames, spreading through the forests and crawling across the streets, smoke stretching its fingers up towards the sky.

I’m kind of realizing I have an odd obsession with fire … BUT HEY, IT’S PRETTY SOMETIMES.

{SpotifyiTunesGoogle Play}

2. “End Game” – Nick Murray

To all of you writers who are looking for non-lyrical music, whether it be soothing or epic, you must listen to Nick Murray. He’s creates a wide variety of music by genres, tunes to make you think of relaxing under a sea of stars, twirling through the forest, or leaping from rooftop-to-rooftop.

If you’re in the need for some intense, energetic music, this album is it. “End Game” has to be my favorite of this album, because the instant I clicked it, my senses were heightened, my mind was churning these epic scenes of explosions and flames and crashes, and at the core of all of it was my big assassin.

This song is also quite short. It gives you that swift punch of power and pain, vanishing within in a minute, much like my assassin. During action sequences, I put this on repeat and let the chaos erupt.

{SpotifyiTunesGoogle Play}

3. “The End of Everything” – Jill Andrews

This song may be the most mellow of this playlist, but the name of the title and the emotions in the lyrics give you a feeling that the end is truly near. When my assassin is around, this is how his victims begin to feel, as if it’s the end of them and everything beneath their feet and above their heads.

“I can feel you in my skin like poison,


And all the voices in my head keep screaming,

It’s hurting,

I’m shaking now,

Trying to breathe,

Your hands around,


Okay wow, I’m noticing this song fits my book in more ways than I originally realized. These lyrics also capture the pain my protagonist is going through from the ghosts of her past, how they haunt her each day and night.

I also picture a few of my character physically breaking down while listening to this song, and my assassin may or not be the cause of some of that pain. Who knows?


I know.

{SpotifyiTunesGoogle Play}

4. “Up in Flames” – Ruelle

The title of this song is quite self-explanatory as to why it’s in this playlist. And of course, it’s Ruelle, who I’m kind of obsessed. If you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know this because she’s in all of playlists. #sorrynotsorry

BUT ANYWAYS, “Up in Flames” fits both my assassin and my protagonist. Some verses capture that joy when my assassin sets the world in flames, how he almost thinks of himself as if he’s immortal. There are also several verses that make me think of how my protagonist preserviers through her pain and struggles, even if she’s the last one standing.

“When it all goes up in flames (x4),

We’ll be the last ones standing,

We’ll be the last ones,

We’ll be the last ones standing”

This song brings me to all of the darkest corners of my book, the destruction and the fear. Not only does it help me get a deeper understanding of my assassin, but also enlightens me to a variety of emotions of my other characters, especially my protagonist.

{SpotifyiTunesGoogle Play}


I hope you all enjoyed this fiery little playlist, which includes some of my absolute favorite artists. And as you can see, I’m finally learning to be a better blogger and leave the links for everything to help you find it, if you’re interested, of course. But I mean, YOU SHOULD REALLY LISTEN TO ALL OF THESE SONGS AND EVERYTHING I RECOMMEND.

*clears throat*

As always, leave any of your thoughts, questions, or comments down below. I always love to hear feedback and/or more music recommendations.


8 thoughts on “Burn It All [Playlist]

  1. I love Ruelle’s songs so much! They are perfect for writing, ever since I heard her songs on Shadowhunters I always write to them, especially Live Like Legends and Bad Dream (:

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Checking out that song with Ruelle in it now. And aren’t her songs just perfect? They have such a powerful theme to them. I also like to blare her songs while I’m doing the dishes and imagine my novel unfold like a movie. Her songs are just, gah, I can’t even find the words to explain but around five of them are on my novel’s playlist.

    I’m so glad you post these playlists because 1) I find some amazing music through you and 2) getting tidbits of your story is fascinating. FIRE + ASSASSINS = Yes, sign me up! I imagine great things for you and your future, Taylor.

    Keep doing what you do,

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know! This is always how I feel when I talk about her–I can never find the words to describe her awesomeness! I also love playing her songs when I’m doing chores and such, because it helps me build up scenes and the little details.

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I always love receiving your messages. They’re always so thoughtful and sweet and inspiring. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ohhh this is AWESOME.😍 I’ve only just started finding songs to go with the books I write and it’s soooo fun and really inspiring. 😀 I also totally get what you mean about character stencils! I do that too because I draw like an armless fish. Thankgoodness for actors to use as models.😂
    I totally enjoyed this glimpse into your writing process!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! Music is my biggest inspiration when it comes to writing. It really helps to get my brain in gear.
      And good! I’m glad I’m not the only one. I feel like such a stalker because I have these secret boards of the same few actors/actresses and I’m like, I’m swear this is for writing. 😂


  4. I loved this post! So great to see what you listen to whilst you write! Also a character based on Jason Momoa?! I am sold. That sound’s so great, I don’t use specific actors or anyone for characters but that’s a really interesting idea!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Christine! Everyone has their own style, but it’s something I like to do to give me a clearer image for physical and emotional qualities, and it’s really helpful. It also helps me find great new movies and films through research of the actors/actresses! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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