Writing Update [October 8, 2016] + Snippets

➸ Update

It’s official, everyone. I’ve written two books. It took a total of five hours of writing and staying up until 1:00 a.m. with excess amounts of chocolate and maybe (definitely) some tears, but I finished my second book.

So how am I feeling right now? Something kind of like the kid in the picture above. I’m just still in shock and not really sure what to feel. I’m incredibly happy to have finally finished this book and proud for being able to write “THE END” on a second manuscript, one that I plan to try to publish. These are exciting things. I should be bouncing off the walls, but I’m also sad?

I know, that must sound silly, but I’ve been thinking of most of these characters since I was fourteen years-old–three years ago–and started writing their stories when I was fifteen. Keep in mind, those drafts were terrible, and I think my first book was really something only for me. Yes, I did try to get it published, and I actually did have agents that gave it read, but nothing happened. Whereas this books feels like a book. The book.

But these characters have been with me for years. I think of them and their stories all the time. And now their stories are complete. They don’t need me anymore. They’re stories will go on, but it’s now out of my hands. And that, much like my ending, is bittersweet.


But now, I feel ecstatic with what I’ve done and thankful for being able to tell these characters stories’. This story may be complete (but not really because there’s a LONG list of edits staring at me from across the way), it’s still with me for eternity. It will never leave me. I will never forget. (OH GOD I JUST TRIGGERED MYSELF WITH THAT SENTENCE BECAUSE OF MY OWN BOOK.)  Sorry, sorry. I AM FINE.

*deep breath* I have dozens upon dozens of more ideas looming in my head, hundreds of characters waiting to have their stories told. And I can’t wait to write their stories and craft new worlds and learn new lessons. You know, after like a week break to let my mind and heart heal.

Now before I have another meltdown, I’ve attached a few snippets from my book down below. I’ve mainly kept it to dialogue to avoid any spoiler or plot points, and I must say, there’s quite a bit of sass.

For those of you wondering, this novel is a YA Speculative Fiction (in other words, a work of fiction that takes place in the present world with an element that can’t exist) complete at about 96,000 words (about 380 pages). Please note that it’s not edited (hence the excessive amount of words; 96k is sort of a lot for this kind of book), so there may be mistakes.

➸ Snippets

{someone’s being negative}


{always on the prowl}




{fighting fire}


{who needs morality}


{all about that money}

Screenshot 2016-10-08 at 12.37.22 PM.png

{the first page}


➸ Closing note

Overall, I’m so thrilled with what I’ve accomplished and happy to say that I’m absolutely in love with this story and these characters. I know there’s some mistakes and some (maybe many) edits to be made, but I simply adore this novel with the whole of my heart. I hope one day that you lovely people will be able to read it too. I can promise you I’m going to work hard for that to be possible.

Lastly, I want to thank my family and friends for always keeping my mind level and my heart positive. I want to thank all the artists on my playlist who helped me craft many scenes and understand my characters in more ways than I thought possible. Also to the photographers and videographers behind all these masterpieces on my inspiration board. To the actors and actresses I’ve watched perform non-stop, who served as not only the stencils for these characters who I adore so much, but who’ve also given me mounds of inspiration in the creative industry. Basically, thank you to all of you creative people–to all those who exist. You are my inspiration.

(That was basically an acknowledgements section. Oops.)



13 thoughts on “Writing Update [October 8, 2016] + Snippets

  1. Congratulations on finishing your second book, Taylor! That’s quite the accomplishment, you must be so damn proud of yourself.
    Your snippets are really good, and I may have cracked a smile or two reading through them, haha. But my absolute favourite was the last one. Those first two lines about the roses… wow, just… wow. You’ve created such wonderful imagery in your work.
    I finish school in about four or so weeks, so if you’re ever looking for another beta reader… *puts hand up and waves it around* You’re writing is so beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Madeline! You’re so kind to say all of that. I’m always glad to get some smiles out of my readers, especially with a few sentences. And I’m really glad to hear you liked the opening lines because those are the most important.
      I actually have been looking for more beta-readers, so yes! I would love for you to read my book (after all those edits, of course). 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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