Do You Believe in Magic? [Writing Playlist]

If you’re a human being, chances are you enjoy fairytales. If you don’t, YOU’RE CLEARLY A MONSTER WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? (Just kidding, we’re all very much entitled to our own opinions.)

Whether you enjoy the original dark fairytales with blood and gore or Disney’s softer retellings with talking animals and teapots, I think we can all agree that any kind of fantasy music is quite addicting. And as us reader and writers know, fantasy is a popular theme in literature.

For my first NaNoWriMo novel, I’m finally writing a fantasy book. Fantasy is my favorite genre of literature, television, films–ANYTHING–so I’ve been looking forward to writing a magical story. This novel of mine is a bit of a twist on a few classic fairytales and a spin on European history.

Now of course, I must have a playlist to listen to while I write. As I have said millions of times before, music is one of my biggest inspirations with writing. It is what fuels not only the life of my characters, but the layers that make them alive. It helps me build new worlds and elaborate, emotional scenes.

It took time to fully delve into this world and build a playlist that fits this set of characters and the scenes of this novel, but I have recently revamped all of my Spotify playlists and couldn’t be happier with the list of songs for my WIP, along with a few others I have saved for the future. These artists have helped me carve into my world and characters, which allows my writing to flow more freely. (So hopefully I’ll now catch up to my goal because I’m about 10k behind.)

ANYWAYS, it’s been much too long since I’ve shared a playlist and I decided it was only proper to share some of my favorite fantasy songs. Music that reminds me of both the light and dark sides of fairytales. Enjoy!




1. “Winter” – Kina Grannis

2. “Dear River” – Kina Grannis

3. “Write It in the Sky” – Kina Grannis

Soft and romantic and magical with a tune that transports you into the depths of a forest. Kina’s sounds like a princess herself, singing of love and nature. This is reminiscent of the sweet Disney songs we all know and love.

4. “Runaway” – AURORA

5. “Little Boy in the Grass” – AURORA

6. “Running With The Wolves” – AURORA

AURORA takes us a bit to the darker side of fairytales, leaving a chill on your skin with the her beautiful, haunting voice. These lyrics are sure to strike a chord in your heart and make you wonder about the world and the people in it.

7. “Nature Boy” – AURORA

8. “Winter Bird” – AURORA

9. “Black Water Lilies” – AURORA

10. “Through The Eyes Of A Child” – AURORA

11. “i believe” – Christina Perri

12. “butterfly” – Christina Perri

13. “Dies Irae” – Eurielle

14. “Je t’Adore” – Eurielle

15. “Waterfalls” – Eurielle

Eurielle has the enchanting voice of a siren that will grasp onto you and never let go. Her songs will sweep you up in the dance of the ballroom and the embrace of a lover’s arms. Her music is simply magic.



What are you favorite fantasy songs to listen to whilst reading or writing? Or do you prefer silence? Leave any recommendations or playlists of your own down below. Be sure to let me know if you enjoyed this playlist and which songs are your favorites. And for my full Scottish fantasy playlist, click here.




2 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Magic? [Writing Playlist]

  1. Oh I do so love Aurora’s music! Particularly Running With Wolves. She has SUCH an amazing voice and it’s kind of ethereal, right?! 😍 MAGICAL. I tend to listen to music while I’m plotting but not when I’m writing, because I find it too distracting.😜 And I admit to listening to the wEIRDEST selection of music, like anything from Marianas Trench to Fall Out Boy to Aurora to Sia to Rayne. But whatever works, right?!😂

    Liked by 2 people

    • It is! Her voice is like no other artist I’ve heard. Once I discovered back around the release of her EP, I’ve been OBSESSED ever since.
      And yes! Whatever works for each person! And you’re certainly not alone because even for my WIP being set in 15th century Scotland, I definitely have many modern-day songs in there, ahahaha.


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