Be Free [Life Update + Playlist]

The holidays are almost upon us and 2016 is coming to a close. Some may be sad this year is ending. But for most of us? I think we can agree this year has been a dumpster fire and we have all been singed by the flames. Maybe even scorched to blackened shards of flesh.

SundanceTV fire on fire

(Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic and vivid. I’ve been back writing and my mind is clearly in a morbid place with the rest of my characters. So let’s just move on.)

The new year is almost here, and I couldn’t be more excited. New years are the time for fresh starts and new dreams. For new beginnings and wishes and goals. I believe it’s important to welcome the new year and embrace the change that will come along with it.

Or at least, that’s what the old me would’ve said.

Within this last month, as I approach official adulthood, (I’ll be eighteen in under two weeks), I’ve had many revelations. I’ve also gone through a few ups and downs. I finished all of my schoolwork for high school, and while I’ve been waiting for this moment for years, I fear I’ll fail at adulthood. I’m scared that I won’t become the successful woman I dream of. I was still having difficulty with my WIP and again began to wonder if I wouldn’t be able to write again. (Thanks to Outlander, I discovered the passion I was missing. Thanks, Diana.)

But it was through these rocky moments that I became stronger. That I found the beauty I wasn’t originally seeing.



  • It’s okay to not be okay

  • Fight for yourself, not with yourself

  • Don’t block emotions, because eventually, they will break through, stronger than they originally were

  • Feel everything and embrace it

  • Read and watch all genres; broaden your creative outlets

  • Write for yourself, but do your research and be sensitive to others

  • Treat writing like a job: be consistent and don’t worry about messy words–you can fix it later

  • Speak freely and be opinionated, but know your audience

  • Embrace differences

  • It’s important, now more than ever, to live a greener life

  • I don’t need (or want) to eat meat anymore

  • It’s okay to be different

  • It’s okay to be opinionated

  • It’s okay not to write

  • It’s okay to feel stuck, because your passion will always come back to you

  • It’s okay to take a break

  • Minimize

  • Be open

  • Enjoy the little things

  • Stop waiting for the perfect moment and just do it

  • Do not fret about the past; do not worry about the future

  • Be kind

  • Be brave

  • Be free

  • Live

These things took time to learn. I had to make mistakes. I had to listen to others. I had to open my mind. I had to listen to music. I had to meditate.

This is how I’ve grown. This is how I’ve changed. I will survive whatever life (or my paranoid, imaginative mind) throws at me. I will live. I will be free and brave. You should be, too.

Below, I’ve created a list of music combined from my 2016 Spotify wrapped playlist (the songs I listened to the most) and my survive playlist, along with a few recent discoveries. Each of these songs stand out the most out of my hundreds upon hundreds of songs because they helped me through these rocky patches. They helped me discover what I truly want in life. They helped me be free.



1. “Free” – Broods

2. “Bird Set Free” – Sia

3. “Falling Away” – Glades

4. “Coattails” – Broods

5. “Alive” – Sia

6. “Conqueror” – AURORA

7. “Past Lives” – BØRNS

8. “What We Lost” – Houses

9. “Titanium” – David Guetta (feat. Sia)

10. “Tonight” – Secret Nation

11. “Warrior” – AURORA

12. “Unstoppable” – Sia

13. “Lavender Scars” – Phebe Starr

14. “Rebels in the Light” – Manicanparty

15. “Elastic Heart” – Sia

16. “Glow In The Dark” – Skylar Grey

17. “i believe” – Christina Perri

18. “Waves That Rolled You Under” – Young Summer

19. “The Greatest” – Sia

20. “human” – Christina Perri



This was a bit of a different post than I normally do, but I thought it would be nice to update all of you on my life since I’ve recently gone through some bigger changes. I’ve been stuck in this limbo of moving onto the next chapter of my life, wondering if I’ll fail and doubting the skills I have, but I’m ready to turn the page. And not just because of the new year. I’m not going to keep waiting for the perfect moment. (I mean, I do have to wait for a few things until I’m eighteen, but it’s only about a week, so I think I can manage.)

I don’t want to wait anymore. I want to follow my dreams and not fear that I’ll fail. Of course, I’ll still have ups and downs. It’s a simple piece of life, but that doesn’t mean I can’t improve upon it. I’m happy to say that (I think) I’m going towards a more positive direction and lifestyle than before. I’m excited to continue that.

So tell me, what are your new year’s resolutions? What are you hoping to achieve going into the new year? Are you struggling with fears and doubts? Let me know and I would be happy to help in any way I can. (That is, if my playlist didn’t already fix everything because these songs are basically magic.)

I hope your holidays and the new year are full of love, magic, laughter, and many dreams coming true. And remember, no matter how dark some times may seem, there is light. There are stars in the sky; there are shadows in the day. Darkness and light go hand-in-hand. They both help us grow. We must accept and allow them to make us stronger.






2 thoughts on “Be Free [Life Update + Playlist]

  1. Oh I love love love this: “Write for yourself, but do your research and be sensitive to others” YES. That is a really excellent thing to live by for writers and you just summed it up so easily and well. :’) ❤ And eep, I totally understand the fear of adulthood! Just wait till you turn twenty…then it starts getting really scary.😂 (And psst, I think mostly everyone is scared of failing adulthood. We all just pretend and hope for the best.)
    I LOVE your photos in this post!! They're so beautiful!!
    Hopefully my goals of next year will be to stop stressing about reading and try to focus more on writing. I looove both, but writing is what I want a career in so I should probably work harder at it.😂🙈🙊
    Now I'm off to listen to these magical playlists. I love Sia!!

    Liked by 1 person

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