I’m Going on Vacation!

I have some exciting news I’ve been holding in for quite a while, but now that the day is practically here, it’s time to tell all of you. I, along with my older sister and a dear friend, are taking a flight up north to Seattle, Washington.

But this isn’t just any trip. This is a celebration of many things bound into one magical vacation because

  • I’ve graduated high school
  • I finished writing a book I’m so very proud of a few months ago
  • I turned eighteen-years-old last weekend

Though what makes this vacation so very special is that we will be staying in the town of Redmond where sections of my book took place. I’ll be able to stand where my characters stood. To walk their same paths and see what they saw.

And that, I believe, is a dream all of us writers have. I’m actually having trouble finding words to describe being able to experience such a thing other than magical. Gorgeous, glittering magic.

All of my stories mean the world to me, but this was the first. It was the start of my passion for writing. This story and these characters helped me become the person I am. I wouldn’t be who I was without them.

Since finishing that novel, I’ve been struggling with my WIP. I’ve slowly been able to immerse myself in this story, but not nearly as much as the first. So while thinking of the trip, I clicked on the book playlist for my first novel. The familiar music eventually brought me to tears. Happy tears.

I realized then that I haven’t fully let this story and these characters go. I realized that I never congratulated myself for writing a book. Not many people can say they’ve written a novel, especially a teenager.

So I cried. (I might be now because this playlist is bringing back ALL the feels.) I know I’ll never fully let this story go, but I need to bind myself into the depths of these new ideas. I can’t keep sitting on the step of a broken escalator. I need to move up on my own.

This trip will help me do that. We’ve had it planned for months now, but all of this struck me this week. Being in the area where my story was born will allow me to let go. But I’m always going to remember this gorgeous story and these messy characters as my first. As the story that began as clichés and insta-love (trust me, the first draft was terrible), into a novel with a new title and new meanings. Into a story I’m so, so proud of.

I’m extremely thankful for my sister, our dear friend, and my parents for making this trip happen. Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible. I cannot form my gratitude into words bold enough to puncuate my joy, so all I can say is thank you. Thank you so very much.

I’m going to capture as much beauty as possible with my new camera and post it on my photography account AFTER I’m back. I’ll be gone from January 6th to the 9th and I will be unplugging from social media to truly savor the great outdoors.

But don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it with gorgeous pictures, skin glazed in magic, a head swarming with ideas, wings on my back and ink on my skin. *wink*

(Now I’m going to go cry a bit more, then again and again in the depths of Washington.)

(ONE LAST NOTE: If you’re interested in hearing about my travels and seeing pictures, let me know and I’ll start doing travel posts!)



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