Let It Go [Writing Playlist]

The new year is here, and so far, it’s been quite beautiful. (Albeit a few disturbing events and a certain someone who is about to sit in the most important home of the United States, but we won’t talk about that OR let him drag us down.)

But for some of us, we may still be holding onto things of the past. All the tragedies of last year. Perhaps those emotions are stuck inside of us, locked behind the cages of our ribs, suffocating our hearts.

I used to fight those feelings. I used to keep them locked away in a cage to toss my heart into the oblivion.

But not anymore. Now I let it go. I feel everything. I laugh; I cry; I smile; I frown; I feel. I’ve learned this through growth, but as always, writing and music helped my inner core of emotions erupt into a great orb of pain and love and wonder and everything in between. It helped me accept my feelings for what they are. It helped me live. It helped me write characters that feel real.

So if you or your characters are harboring an old anger, a storm-cloud of sadness or flames of doubt, listen to these songs, let it all go and be free.




1. “Space Between” – Sia

2. “Bittersweet Tragedy” – Melanie Martinez

3. “Old Lovers in Dressing Rooms” – Keaton Henson

4. “Creep” – Daniela Andrade

5. “Haunt” – Bastille

6. “You Are a Memory” – Message To Bears

7. “Nothing Left to Say/Rocks” – Imagine Dragons

8. “Oceans” – Seafret

9. “Braid” – Gem Club

10. “Saturn” – Sleeping At Last

11. “Two Pieces” – Demi Lovato

12. “Cry” – Lena Fayre

13. “Blow Me One Last Kiss” – P!nk

14. “i hate u, i love u” – gnash

15. “Let It Go” – The Neighborhood


Let’s Chat

I hope at least one of you is either crying or screaming. Or both, because I’m a writer and I enjoy watching other people suffer.

Ha-ha. Joking. I’m totally joking.

*clears throat*

But seriously, I hope this playlist helped you discover any emotions that have been barricaded in the labyrinths of yours or your characters chests’. And please remember that it is absolutely, one-hundred percent okay to FEEL.

Feel everything.




7 thoughts on “Let It Go [Writing Playlist]

    • Yes! I’m so glad to have found someone else who loves it!
      I believe it was the first song I listened to by Sleeping At Last and completely fell in love. I agree with you, it’s so calming, but it’s also quite sad? It’s perfect for writing and getting my mind into action.

      Liked by 1 person

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