#MyAestheticSelf Tag

A recent tag has been swarming social media lately, and that is the #MyAestheticSelf tag. This tag is, as it says, your aesthetic. In other words, all the little things in life that are responsible for making you who you are. Your favorite scents and flavors or places and people—anything that makes your heart thrum with joy. Each of those tiny things fill the puzzle of your soul, and this tag is about plucking those pieces apart and seeing what makes you happy.

There are many things in this world that make my blood beat like a drum, so I thought it would be both fun and interesting to see what those little things are by participating in this tag. And no, I was not tagged for this, but is that going to stop me from participating?



  • stacks of journals

  • handwritten fonts


  • vintage artwork

  • maps

  • freshly bloomed or dried flowers

  • rich greenery


  • watching birds fly and listening to them sing

  • monochromatic rooms

  • anything gold or rose gold

  • starry skies

  • the shutter sound of a camera

  • the lunar phases

  • fairy lights


  • white marble

  • stickers and pins

  • fluffy blankets and pillows

  • headphones spilling with indie or alternative music

  • the fresh scent of the earth

  • denim jackets

  • light and bright photos

  • candles


  • the crackle and smell of wood burning

  • autumn leaves

  • a hot cup of tea with a side of chocolate or cookies

  • evergreens

  • the warmth of a fire

  • watching people roam the streets


  • slicked hair

  • the weight of a camera around my neck

  • neon signs

  • superheroes and super-villains

  • aged paper

  • dainty jewelry

  • tattoos

  • the click of a keyboard

  • fairytales

  • sky lanterns

  • poetry and quotes


  • old buildings

  • gentle touches

  • memories that laugh and smile

  • foreign films and languages

  • glitter

  • dancing

  • magic


Let’s Chat

How would you describe yourself in aesthetics? Feel free to join me and many others in this new tag. And as always, leave any other thoughts, comments or questions down below!



8 thoughts on “#MyAestheticSelf Tag

  1. Oh I love this!! And I love the photos!! And obviously you have the best aesthetics ever with the glitter, magic, supervillains, and fairy tales and fairy lights.😍 All the fairy things!! And I always love your Peter Pan photos sooo much.


  2. My aesthetic is kind of a mix between childish (cute animal plushies and colourful, fun things) and sort of grunge-y goth stuff. 😅😅 They don’t really fit together at all but oh well. 😂 Also I love anything dark blue and space-y, which is where my blog theme comes from! 😛


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