Writing Update & Snippets [February 16, 2017]



It has been MUCH too long since I’ve updated all of you on my writing. Because even if some of you are not interested, I adore gushing about my stories and these wild casts of characters. So grab a cup of tea or perhaps some leftover chocolates from yesterday and enjoy catching up with the circus of my mind.

During my first NaNoWriMo, I wrote a total of 27k words. But before the month was even over, I realized the voice of my main character isn’t what I was aiming for. It wasn’t this lost girl in my mind who has lost all hope. It was something close, but not quite right.

I tried going back through and making alterations to her voice, but it wasn’t working. I experienced this same thing with my first novel, and when that happened, I scrapped all I had. Because for me, starting with a clean slate allows me to rebuild the characters to match these rebellious souls caught within me.

So I highlighted all those 27k words and deleted them.

Now, I know you probably just spilled your tea or started choking on your chocolate. How in the world could I just delete all those precious 27k words? All first drafts are messy, so why not just go along with it and edit it later?

Well, my lovelies, that is not my style. If I would have pursued that draft, I would have ended up rewriting the entire novel, as I did with my very first book. I would rather reset it now and play around with this world and these characters. My current WIP is a stark contrast from my last novel, so it will take time to adjust.


My first book is a YA speculative fiction that takes place in a modern-day, small town in Washington state. There are hints of science-fiction and an insight on mental health. The atmosphere is dark and grungy, as you can see from my inspiration board.

My work-in-progress is a YA fantasy that takes place in 16th century Scotland. There is loads of magic and glitter and blood and wild children and girl power. Here’s my inspiration board.

I’ve been plotting this crazy fantasy novel for over a year or so. Once I was done with my speculative fiction novel, I gave myself some time off before jumping in, but I was so incredibly excited to finally dive into this expansive world. When NaNoWriMo came around, I figured it was time to start playing with this project.

Clearly, it didn’t end well. After I erased those 27k words, I tried rewriting it again. And again. And again.  I had been struggling quite a bit, hence the lack of updates. I would start over, and the voice of main character just wasn’t quite right. I would try to alter it, but I would end up erasing the entire thing.

I was starting to feel panicked. I wasn’t connecting to the world or the characters. None of it felt alive, not how my previous book did. (Keep in mind, that took about two years to get it to that point.) But I’ve been writing for about three years now. I shouldn’t be having this difficulty.

Writing is my passion. It’s my absolute love in life. It’s helped me become the strong woman I am today. So if I couldn’t write anymore, what would happen to me? What would become of my life?


Months were starting to pass. I began watching Outlander for some inspiration, and it did help quite a bit. But still, I was struggling. After my trip to Washington with my sister and a dear friend, the inspiration was starting to come back. Being in the heart of nature and unplugging from social media helped me reflect on what I want from my life, from my stories, from everything. I was able to put myself at ease. To tell myself that it’s okay to take time. The best things come with patience.

Shortly after I was back home, I sat down at my office and tried again. And I have loved everything that has poured from my fingers. (Okay, maybe not everything, but they’re little things and that’s what editing is for.) Overall, this story has been coming together beautifully. I’ve been able to take the personalities of the characters in my mind and weave them into the paper. (Or the screen, if we wish to be technical.)

Yesterday, I reached 23k on my WIP, which means I’m approximately about a quarter of the way complete with my second novel. So this is quite the milestone that I feel deserves some sassy, magical, bloody, and maybe romantic snippets from my WIP? Yes? Yes. (Due keep in mind this is not edited and therefore may have errors.)



{girl power}




{missing hearts}







Let’s Chat

Now you may be asking, what about your previous book? Well, whether you asked or not, I’ll tell you the answer. *wink*

My previous novel has gone through beta-readers and is now being read and edited by my dear friend Sofia @ The Literary Casanova. She’s been an amazing reader, editor, and friend through this experience. Together, we’re polishing my book into what will hopefully one day end up on actual bookshelves.

And while juggling edits on my first book and writing my second novel, my brain thought it was a great idea to start plotting my third novel. I’ve had a base idea of what I’m going to write after my WIP for quite some time, but my brain has been bursting with ideas lately.

So I gave into its madness and created an inspiration board for this NA Mystery novel that will take place in a small town (haven’t decided where yet) during the late 80’s or early 90’s (again, still haven’t decided yet). Here’s the base of it: pastels, neon signs, creepy neighbors, mythological creatures, superpowers, and complicated families. Sounds fun, right? My mind is clearly a madhouse.

I hope you all enjoyed this lengthy writing update and these brief snippets. It always feels therapeutic to discuss my writing doubts and wonders, all my thoughts and habits—everything. And of course, I would love to know how you fellow writers are doing with your projects. Feel free to leave any other thoughts, comments, or questions down below. And together, we can talk about the wildness of our minds.



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