Despite living about ten minutes away from a beach, I’ve never been too fond of the beach. That is, until I have begun writing my latest novel. If you’re not already familiar with my novel, WHY? (Just kidding. You can get the details here.) But to be brief, my current WIP takes place in 16th century Scotland and the magical island called the Everlands. Both of these locations are surrounded by the luscious salt of the sea. A beauty I didn’t truly appreciate until now.

While writing this novel, the sea has become a prominent aspect of the story. It has become a graveyard and a beast. An inspiration for strength and hope. It has become a metaphor for many things.

I have my characters and their stories to thank for helping me realize the depth of the waters around us. But not just them. The music I have been listening to throughout writing this novel has aided in both describing this landscape and the characters, along with the layers of emotions that come with these lands, which are both sad and beautiful.

As always, I felt it was necessary to share these incredible songs that have inspired me so much throughout this entire process. Some of these are not on my book playlist, though I believe they fit into the theme of the sea. But do keep in mind, quite a few of these songs are sad. So grab your headphones and maybe a box of tissues and enjoy your trip to the sea.



1. “Atlantis” – Seafret

2. “Southern” – Sleeping At Last

3. “Waves That Rolled You Under” – Young Summer

4. “Flag of No Country” – Julia Kent

5. “Oceans” – Seafret

6. “Striking Distance” – Young Summer

7. “Black Water Lilies” – Aurora

8. “The Sailor” – The Album Leaf

9. “Siren” – Young Summer

10. “Tell Me It’s Real” – Seafret

11. “Invitation to the Voyage” – Julia Kent

12. “Taken” – Young Summer

13. “Give Me Something” – Seafret

14. “Wish That You Were Here” – Florence + The Machine

15. “To the Sea” – Seafret



So how are we feeling after those songs? Happy? Sad? Both?

Good. It’s good to feel, especially for us writers. We must dig into the darkest parts of our hearts in order to write characters and stories that feel real. It can extremely exhausting both mentally and physically, but I believe it’s healthy for us to feel. It makes our mind and soul stronger, and our stories more authentic.

What music inspires your stories? Do you prefer instrumental or lyrical music? Or would you rather not listen to music while you write? Be sure to let me know, and leave any other thoughts, comments, questions, or recommendations down below.






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