Happy March, my lovelies!

The month of love is finally over and I’m quite glad of it. February was a roller-coaster for me. There were many ups and downs. Many emotions and feelings from a multitude of things. It was just A LOT, so I am happy to wave goodbye to the gloomy days February and welcome a March full of sunshine and spring blooms.

But I suppose February wasn’t all bad. I reached about 30k in my WIP (but I then hit a block for the first time in a long time, hence THE EMOTIONS) and I read five books, two of which I gave five stars, and that’s a BIG deal considering that I rarely give out five stars. So you see, February has not been a complete hell. To prove it, allow me to go over the books I have read this last month and gush about their amazingness. (Let’s just pretend that’s a word.)

(Just a quick side note, I’m being dramatic for the sake of being dramatic because #writerslife. My life is fine, and so is my WIP. I am going back through the 30k that I have whilst I sort out the rest of the story in my head. So all is well.)



Paperweight by Meg Haston


Paperweight, despite it’s title, is not a light book. This novel discusses serious subject matter such as eating disorders and death.

We follow seventeen-year-old Stevie through her time at an eating disorder treatment center, all while she still mourns the death of her brother.

Stevie was a bit difficult to read about at first, being that she was quite cold and cruel. But as the her past unfolds, I began to understand her reservations about life. I understood her guilt and pain, and I felt for her.

Paperweight was an incredible novel that I believe handled these subject matters very well. For my full review on it, click here.

Rating: ★★★

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Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde


If you follow me on anything (if you’re not, by the way, be sure to fix that by clicking on any of the widgets to the side or down below), then you know I LOVED Queens of Geek.

I was lucky enough to receive a digital ARC of Queens of Geek the day before Valentine’s Day. So on the morning of the day of love, I cuddled up with these nerds and oh my did I LOVE them and their stories.

This novel explores everything from anxiety to sexuality to love to EVERYTHING nerdy. So basically, all of my favorite things to read about. AND one of the main characters was named Taylor and she was basically me? It’s no surprise why I love this book.

For my full review on this adorable novel, click here. But be warned, there is a LOT of fangirling. I mean, how could I not fangirl when Taylor and her love interest bond over Supernatural? There is no way.

Be sure to pre-order this beauty and get your own copy on March 14th, 2017.

Rating: ★★★★

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Blood of Wonderland by Colleen Oakes


Blood of Wonderland is the sequel to the twisted tale, Queen of Hearts. As we all know, sequels can be a tricky thing. They are the bridge between the first and third book. They can either fall flat or give us the information we have been vying for.

Fortunately, Blood of Wonderland gave me the depth of both character development and world-building I was looking for in the first book. The pasts of several characters were revealed and mended the holes of Dinah’s backstory. I also enjoyed watching Dinah grow and develop closer to the wicked queen we have come to know.

Now, the beginning was a bit slow, but it picked up about of the quarter of the way in and left me reeling for more. Oakes is always leaving us on cliffhangers!

I look forward to continuing this series and seeing how it all concludes. I expect blood, gore, death, and madness—my favorite things. If you’re not familiar with this series, I recommend checking it out and maybe picking up a copy of your own, because LOOK at these covers. I WANT TO FRAME THEM.

Rating: ★★★

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The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak by Brian Katcher


Clearly, my TBR felt like giving me a lot of nerdiness and romance this month. (It knows me too well and it’s a bit scary tbh.) The plot is reminiscent of Queens of Geek, so I was hoping to love it just the same.

Sadly, that was not the case. I never grew fond of either Ana or Zak for several reasons. But before I continue, I just have to say,

OKAY, SO. Ana is the cliché bratty, yet intelligent girl who thinks nerds are lesser to her. This is not an issue because again, bad behavior typically stems from a tragedy and everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. (Even if it’s wrong because nerds are EQUAL to everyone else.) But what really bothered me is how cruel the author made Ana towards other girls for no particular reason. Sometimes it was (unnecessary) jealousy, while other times it was her just being a bully.

Not to mention, Zak would make jokes to Ana about seeing her in less clothing (keep in mind, they have really only known each other for a day) along with other crude remarks.

It’s things like these that need to be presented as a negative in literature, not a commonality of life. Of course, there are many girls who are catty towards one another without a reason and many guys who make sexual innuendos without even truly knowing the person. I do not have an issue with someone writing it, but I’m growing tired of it. I’m tired of girls hating on girls because that’s what society has tried to teach us. I’m tired of guys being allowed to say whatever gross thing they want because they’re guys.

On top of that, the hatred between Ana and Zak turned quickly into insta-love and there were several parts of the story that were just … odd. The ending, for example, was so ridiculous and random to me.

Overall, The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak was entertaining, but I was disappointed in the way the characters were written and the issues that were presented. It was an okay read, but it could have used more nerdiness and realness.

Rating: ★★

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The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater


I’ve been hearing about The Raven Boys ever since I first joined the book community. By the title (I’m obsessed with birds, especially ravens) and the synopsis, it sounded like I would love this book. But, I typically don’t love over-hyped books, so I was hesitant.

Luckily for me, I was wrong. I LOVED this book SO much. I loved the plot and the characters and Stiefvater’s writing style and GANSEYGANSEY IS MY EVERYTHING.

I know I said Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss was my book boyfriend, then I gave that title to Jamie from Queens of GeekBUT SORRY EVERYONE THAT TITLE NOW GOES TO GANSEY. (No joke, if I ever have a child, their name is going to be Gansey and my spouse better love it or he can just get out.)

Okay, but anyways, The Raven Boys was instantly such an intriguing read. Stiefvater had the whole of my attention from the prologue. I loved the concept, the setting, and again, the characters. They were layered little specimens with their own unique characteristics that made them feel so alive. The dynamic between the raven boys and Blue was utterly addicting. And the SASS. So much sass, guys. And I loved every bit of it. It’s not often that a book has me laughing out loud, but The Raven Boys did.

I had trouble putting this book down and tearing myself away from the rich town of Henrietta, the mystery of Glendower, the depth of the raven boys, and Blue’s inevitable future. After I flipped the final page of this book, I immediately ordered the rest of the series. And as much as I’m tempted to binge it, I do want to savor The Raven Cycle. (Even though I will probably re-read it a billion times because I can tell it is just going to be that kind of series for me.)

The Raven Boys has easily become one of my all-time favorite books. I simply cannot stop thinking about it. Not only that, but it was actually what inspired me to go back and edit the 30k of my WIP in hopes of giving it more depth and layers. So if you have not yet picked up The Raven BoysDO IT. LIKE RIGHT NOW PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

Rating: ★★★★

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How many books did you read in the month of February? Did you discover any new favorites? If so, do let me know. I could always use more books to add to my list of 247 books I want to read and my TBR of 125 books. And as always, feel free to leave any other thoughts, comments, or questions down below.



8 thoughts on “FEBRUARY WRAP-UP [2017]

  1. The Raven Boys series is so amazing, I adore Gansey!! Congrats on 30K on your WIP, I hope you get around the writer’s block soon! I’ve been seeing loads of good reviews of Queens of Geek, so I might have to pick it up soon 🙂


    • Gansey is THE BEST, but I really love everyone in the series. I cannot wait to continue and see where it goes.
      And thank you so much! I’ve gone back to the beginning of my novel and have started editing/rewriting with it, and I think it was the right move.
      I would HIGHLY recommend grabbing Queens of Geek when it’s out. I loved it so much. ❤️


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