where every bloom and bud blush with the rise of the sun, dancing in their dresses of coral and cotton candy. Where every field you pass is overflowing with pink. So much pink that it seems the earth is exposing its heart, and you can watch it beat, beat, beat.

And in the cage of your ribs, your heart flourishes with thousands of new blooms. All spilling over with petals of rouge and rose. Though they may wilt and fade, they will grow once again, and it will be as though you are alive for the first time.



its fingers splaying around the trunk. It crawls up the bark and branches, into the crevasses of wood. The vine splits into twos and threes and fours, wrapping around the bundles of leaves. It twists and pulls, suffocating the tree beneath. It does not stop until all air has left the lungs of the beast. Until it splits and cracks, disintegrating into dust.

The vines fall onto their knees, heaving for breath. But they are not yet finished. They rise back onto their feet and grow over the ash of the tree. And it is as though there was never even a tree there to begin with.


within every petal upon this earth. If you peer closely enough, you can see the great ball of fire at the heart of each flower, shimmering in rays of gold and copper. You must be careful of its beauty, for it may leave a burn on your flesh.

The petals will tumble, the stem will wobble, and the heart of the flower will sink into the soil, waiting to rise once again. Our planet is scattered with pieces of the sun, scorching the lands with each billow of the wind. It is here and there and everywhere, but only if you look close enough. Only if you are burned.



the wind held still. It could not fathom how many lives it had taken. Millions of leaves scattering, crumbling to pieces, littering the lands. With each step and breath, there was only death.

But upon these beds of death, new seedlings form. They spring through the dirt, push through clusters of bones and fallen buildings. Through hundreds of old worlds to a land that is brand new.

So know that with every last leaf, a new world is budding. And it is beautiful.



Well. This was very different from my usual blog posts, but as I’ve said before, I want to break out of my shell and try new things. This is my first photo series (so to speak) and a new way to exude my creative writing.

The lovely Cait @ Paper Fury tagged me to do the #booksandflowers on Instagram. I’ve participated in this tag before on Instagram, but I had the sudden wonder of, what if I make this into a blog post? And so, that idea blossomed into the post here before you. I must say, I am quite happy with how it all turned out.

I hope all of you enjoyed this post, despite it being different from the usual. If you did like this post, do let me know and I may create more in the future. I love receiving feedback and hearing your opinions on my work. It helps me grow into a stronger writer and photographer and most importantly, a better person.

I’m wishing you all a magical week filled with colorful blooms (and good books, too)!



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