As my bio states across every thread of the web, I like to write about misfits and rebels. I like to write about the unheard and the damaged. My narrators are often unreliable, wild little anti-heroes. You don’t know what their next move we’ll be, if it will be good or bad. They surprise me themselves, sometimes.

But as a shy young adult who is secretly an old woman but very much tries to be cool, I have trouble relating to their ideas and actions. Which is where the rebellious music comes in.

Music is a massive inspiration when it comes to my writing. It aids in placing my mind deep into the waters of another world or a character’s thoughts. (I also not-so-secretly like pretending I am somewhat of a rebel by listening to this kind of music but we all know the truth here.)

Whether you’re writing about a whole cast of rebels or feel like pretending to be a misfit yourself, I have just the right playlist for you. Let’s be a little wild and dramatic. Let’s scream and sing until our throats run raw. Let’s be rebels.



1. “New Americana” – Halsey

2. “Flawless” – The Neighbourhood

3. “Monsters” – Ruelle

4. “Young God” – Halsey

5. “Dollhouse” – Melanie Martinez

6. “Mustang Kids” – Zella Day, Baby E

7. “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” – MUNA

8. “West Coast” – The Neighbourhood

9. “Gasoline” – Halsey

10. “Heathens” – Twenty One Pilots

11. “Kill Our Way to Heaven” – Michl

12. “Royals” – Lorde

13. “Demons” – Imagine Dragons

14. “Hurricane” – Halsey

15. Black Sea” – Natasha Blume

16. “Mad Hatter” – Melanie Martinez

17. Control” – Halsey

18. “Everytime” – Broods

19. “Ghost” – Halsey

20. “Believer” – Imagine Dragons

21. Staying Up” – The Neighbourhood

22. “Haunting” – Halsey

23. “Glory And Gore” – Lorde

24. “How” – The Neighbourhood

25. “Castle” – Halsey



Who are some of your favorite misfits of the literary world? What sort of music makes you feel like a rebel yourself? I would love to hear your answers and your opinions on the playlist above. And for my full misfits playlist, click here.

I really adore creating these playlists to share with you fellow creatives out there. I hope these playlists of mine motivate you as much as they have with me. And if you have any ideas for future playlists, do let me know!




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