Cravings. We all have them. But these days, it’s easier to indulge your sweet tooth than it is to reach your wildest dreams. At least, it certainly feels that way. And you know the type of dreams we’re talking about, right? Everything from living where you want and building a career you can pursue around the
world, to accomplishments that stand the weight of time. These dreams go beyond hashtags and high-resolution photos, and the best part is that they’re well within your reach. In fact, they’ve always have been waiting for you. But when we’re afraid, it’s hard to pull back that huge curtain of fear and see our heart’s desires. Don’t worry; you just need help putting it all together.

Using your creative talents to build a lifestyle that’s unapologetically, delightfully, and incredibly all your own is beyond satisfying. Sure, you’ve seen examples of other people doing this. And you know deep down it can be done. Yet you’re stuck in your own personal adventure-movie quicksand, with no handy tree branch in sight.

That’s where this book, Get the Hell Over It: How to Let Go of Fear and Realize Your Creative Dream, comes in. Short and sweet with plenty of ideas, this book will give you a sturdy branch to grab onto when the quicksand starts pulling you down. New opportunities for a profitable, creative life await
you…if you dare to reach out again.



I was lucky enough to be contacted by the lovely Sarah Beth Moore (many of you probably know her as @newleafwriter on Instagram) and asked to review an early copy of her book, Get the Hell Over It, a motivational book for creatives everywhere.

Once I sat down and began reading, I couldn’t stop devouring Moore’s words. She has this way of speaking as though you’ve known her for years, listening to your best friend as they give you advice on your career.

Sometimes you think you know exactly where you stand with a word, but then you realize you never really saw to the heart of it.

I agreed with everything Moore said, from discovering and following your passions, to understanding when you should keep certain activities hobbies. I really appreciate her honesty with the creative field, because it isn’t easy. It drains your heart and soul, it beats you down when you’ve felt you couldn’t fall any lower, and just when it seems like there’s an opportunity, it suddenly slips through your fingers like sand.

Being in the creative industry is more difficult than most people realize, and I think Moore captures that perfectly. Your passion can only take you so far. You have to place in hours upon hours of hard work and dedication in order to succeed, and even then, you might not. But we do this anyways because it’s our passion. It’s what makes us feel alive. And without creativity, where would the world be?

And no matter what form it takes, creativity is power, wealth, currency.

If you’re a fellow creative looking for some motivation and inspiration, then I highly recommend picking up Get the Hell Over It.

Thank you again to Sarah Moore for giving me access to an ARC of her book. Get the Hell Over It is expected to be released September 1, 2017. Pre-order your copy with one of links below!





For all of you creatives out there, what is your advice for staying positive in such a tough industry? What keeps you motivated even when everything seems to be falling against you? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this.



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