The year of 2017 is swiftly coming to a close, and there are some things I have been meaning to say. It is so easy as a blogger to cut the shadows from your life, presenting a perfect portrait of your everyday. It is easy for us on social media to only post of our exquisite travels, our accomplishments, the expensive places we may have the honor of passing through. It is easy to put on a smile and say everything is fine. This is what we’re used to, right?

I’d like to think I’ve been quite honest on my social media outlets, but I imagine most of you think I’m always happy, always reading books and writing these lovely stories. You may think I’m successful due to the places I go, or the things I post about. You may not think of any of these things, but either way, I’m here to tell you the truth.

Here’s the truth:

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reviewWanted was my very first manga, and though it proved to be an entertaining read with an interesting plot line (pirates, treasure, and life on the sea—YES PLEASE), I found this story fell a bit short for me.

I’ve watched and enjoyed several animes, but a reoccurring theme I find in most of them is an overabundance of sexism. The women are your common damsels in distress, saved by men who are quite frankly awful?

Wanted had a similar vibe. While I understand it’s unrealistic to have every person, man or woman, be strong and independent, but come on. Every time our main character Armeria was in trouble, the love interest would literally swoop in and save her. And this happened way too many times.

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Tracey Neithercott’s first book was written by hand and illustrated with some really fancy colored pencils. It was highly acclaimed by her mother. Now, she writes YA stories of friendship, love, murder, and magic. (None of which she illustrates—you’re welcome.) She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, who suggests improving her novels by adding Star Wars characters.

She is the author of GRAY WOLF ISLAND, a YA novel about the truth, a treasure, and five teens searching for both. Coming fall 2017 from Knopf/Random House.

(Source: Goodreads.)

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